Livestream Schedule

(more sessions may be livestreamed than the ones indicated below)

WEDNESDAY MAY 25                  

9:00am PST / 17:00 GMT      Panel The Arab Awakening
                     Joumana Haddad, An Nahar Cultural Editor; Shahira Amin, fmr Egyptian Nile TV Deputy Head and Senior Correspondent; Hodal Abdel Hamid, Al Jazeera Roving Correspondent; Josh Rushing, Al Jazeera Producer; Amra Tareen - Founder and CEO; Margarita Quihuis, Director Stanford Peace Innovation Lab; ModeratorsElizabeth Filippouli, Founder, Global Thinkers; Joel Brinkley, Hearst Visiting Professional in Residence, Department of Communication, Stanford.
The panel is introduced by David Nordfors, Executive Director, Stanford Center for Innovation and Communication

11:40am PST / 19:40 GMT   Panel Mobile Media Design: Is the Medium still the Message? / Live Video
                     Marisa Gallagher, VP, Executive Creative Director, CNN Digital; Prof Michael Shanks, Stanford University; 

1:20 pm PST / 21:20 GMT Keynote: How Innovation is Changing Al Jazeera's World
A conversation between Josh Rushing, Al Jazeera, and David Nordfors.

                  Host:  David Nordfors, Executive Director, SCIC, Stanford; Panel: Prof. Clifford Nass, Stanford University (opening speaker);  Nicklas Lundblad Director of Public Policy and Government Affairs, Google, Inc;  Elizabeth Filippouli, Founder, Global Thinkers;